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SIMEONE An Introduction To [CD]

£6.00 / Sold Out

Featuring 21 tracks | CD is housed with a 16 page deluxe lyric booklet signed & numbered | Limited to 1,000 pieces | Features Simeone with guests: Gary Asquith (Renegade Soundwave) / Karel Fialka / Kevin Mooney (Adam & The Ants) / Alan Rear (Search Party / New Musik)


"Dear readers, right now I'm sure you're ready to skim frantically between the reviews to search for something again that you can satisfy your palates with, take a moment of pause… what we propose to you is an artist that is the medicinal one whom shall doc & ease our frenzy into reading, discovering and listen to. Here it is a double CD featuring this artist with other collaborators; Kevin Mooney (bassist of Sinead O'Connor and Adam & The Ants) and quell' as much mysterious Karel Fialka that in 1987 reached the peak of the standings with one of the strangest and ten-day like "Hey, Matthew". Why relax to this disc of Simeone? Because of his dark room atmosphere, between the experimentalism of King ' 80s and the modernisation of a sound never forgot, I'm sure you'll have a pleasant surprise & find this album interesting. It's the nineteen eighties with the technology & a little bit of travel to salto pseudo and pseudo-4AD-sound is the prescription recommended" Alex Daniele.

"Simeone's music is awesome - beautiful production too. An odyssey into a world of achingly beautiful electronica, ambience & catchy songs that are haunting, psychologically messy, joyous & sublime listened through a gloss of top production.

“ 'Unique' is a difficult word to wield accurately and appropriately in music, but this epic 21-track album suggests Simeone may be able to stake a reasonable claim to it. His compositions defy easy description. They vary from instantly enjoyable pop to challenging soundscapes and frankly baffling interludes. Some could comfortably soundtrack the most surreal David Lynch film. A few would be right at home at a chilled-out gathering or dinner party” http://www.fmvmagazine.com/?p=913

"London based musician Lee Simeone, has often been tagged with the label of ‘synth genius’. That’s no surprise, given his mastery at crafting some of the deepest atmospheric collages, that edge between very mellow dreamlike vision pieces, to a full on outbursts of electro darkwave energy. With works that tend to introduce a dark unfolding of haunting synth layers, the accompanying lustful sense of melodies and intricate arrangements give vast scope for the unexpected."

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